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Peninsula Movie synopsis

The soldier and his party fought off a host of Zombies after the destruction in the peninsula of the Korean Peninsula.

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Peninsula Movie Review

Nearly four years after the 'Train to Busan' events, South Korea has become a Zombie-filled desert. Former captain Jung Seok of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps has been tasked with finding and retrieving a truck loaded with cash in this isolated area, which will cost him his entire life. But when his group reached the peninsula, they were confronted by a mob. Jung Seok must fight for his life with the help of a few missing survivors.
Following the successful development of 'Train to Busan' in 2016, expectations were reasonably high in turn. Naturally, director and author Sang-ho Yeon has decided to climb the stakes and head straight into the destructive world he has created. Taking the obvious inspiration from various dystopic films and shows, the following method fails to match the well-accepted predecessor. Set in the open world, zombie counts have skyrocketed and require a lot of reliance on CGI as a result. Unfortunately, VFX is flexible in some areas, and it looks like a video game with questionable physics, especially when installing cars. This is an important aspect of the film, so your miles may be entirely different from your response to them. For many, it will probably reduce the sense of fear caught up in the 'Train to Busan'.

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The story has some power with interesting themes for greed and self-sacrifice when everything else is lost. Certainly they have a lot to do with considering what is happening in the world today. Director Sang-ho Yeon is eager to explore what is needed to save a loved one under unusual circumstances, and the story becomes more catchy as he does so. Jung Seok (Dong-Won Gang) meets mother Min Jung (Jung Hyun Lee) and his two daughters, and their relationship from the heart brings much needed depth to the building. Their work also provides a few emotional rhythms that come home. Then again, some of the scenes feel a bit more relaxed, which affects the intensity of the movement. While ‘Peninsula’ has its moments including clever ways to deal with zombie forces, you will be disappointed if you expect the proper follow-up to ‘Train to Busan’. Instead, it's just as fun as a standalone action zombie flick.

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