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A secret agent is given one name as his weapon and is sent to prevent the start of the Third World War. He must be up to date and bend the laws of nature to succeed in his mission.

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                       Tenet movie Review

 The world is coming to an end and time is running out, but back. Yes, for the most part. Author-magnum opus-Writer Christopher Nolan is a film full of an event that sounds really useful in the difficult times we live in. to bits. This is a prelude to some of these situations that offer a measure of action and excitement even if a competitive film strategy can bring you down. But that being said, the clear view of its structure is very simple. It is about saving the world from the insane Russian arms dealer Andrei (Kenneth Branagh), who could have gone back and forth in time. Now, the idea is to hit him in his game. But in practice, 'Tenet' is an all-encompassing, deceptive and far-flung plane of thought combining action, entertainment and conspiracy. And Christopher Nolan is able to use many of these opportunities effectively.

Our hero John David Washington (known only as the Protagonist) is defined by the concept of ‘temporal inversion’ and sent to the most secret mission of saving the world. He is joined by his British counterpart Neil (Robert Pattinson), from whom secrecy springs from everywhere. The mission takes him to places including Mumbai, where he breaks into the home of a wealthy arms dealer to get information where his wife Priya (Dimple Kapadia), gives him secret and unreliable clues. But it was only then that he met Andrei's estranged wife and Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) that he saw the full power of how difficult and demonic the situation was.

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The film's performance ends with a caption and a description of its coated structure with a technology that can delay time. Happily, it does so with stunning cinematography (Hoyte Van Hoytema) and action-packed scenes made with natural art and finesse. The idea of ​​going back and forth when everything goes backward, creates an attractive image. And the actual back points (Ludwig Göransson) are so unique and immersed that they form a fair amount of urgency and inconsistency.

Everyone is appropriately dressed including Dimple Kapadia, who gives some power to her mysterious character of a powerful Indian woman. She would rather give her husband a drink and keep him quiet rather than panic when a burglary occurs. His role is not only important but also very interesting in the way he interacts with the Protagonist. Robert Pattinson is attractive but remains strong in the supporting role, never hiding the Protagonist, played successfully by John David Washington. The delivery of John’s brooding persona and the non-bringing in of the brooding persona have an impact. Elizabeth Debicki is faithful to her role as a traumatized woman held hostage by her chauvinist husband, but it is possible that she was written convincingly. Andrei’s Kenneth Branagh character is a Russian Mafioso caricature with regular and engaging conversational dialogue.

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Like many Nolan films, this one also demands full attention from its viewer, yet there is no guarantee that you will fully comprehend the completely different narrative of the film. But that does not detract from the enjoyment of the cinema experience of Nolan's vivid imagination that is skillfully portrayed on the big screen. The secret to enjoying the 'Tenet' lies in what the scientist, who describes the transformation, told the Protagonist, "Don't try to understand it, it's the world."

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