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Trapped in a mysterious basement, a runaway man must find a way to escape from a violent and depressed family.

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A captive story with its Finnish character used to remind us of the ancient myths of the world, Alister Grierson's Bloody Hell saves its trolls to the end but poses a great danger while waiting for him. Designed to work with the humor of Ben O'Toole, who can be prevented from breaking most of the film on handcuffs in the underwater room, this pic looks like a little bit strong enough to remember the first Sam Raimi - though they don't confuse camera work that helped make Evil Dead a classic.

O'Toole's Rex gets more backstory than your average stuck-in-the-bottom, but in the hands of original screenwriter Robert Benjamin, what feels like tangents ultimately seem meaningless. A former soldier, Rex once found himself robbed and robbed of a Boise bank with a chance to save the day. He did, but his heroism (captured in an interesting flashback sequence) also killed an innocent woman. Unexpectedly, this white guard was sentenced to eight years in prison for his negligence; in the slightest, he remains famous for his metal when he was released, followed by a host of paparazzi. But unnecessary fame is what drives Rex's trip to Finland, so let's not worry too much about what happened

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Sadly, her travels are disrupted before she even reaches the sauna. The naughty boys who pointed him out at the airport have partners waiting outside the minibus; they breathe air into him, and when he wakes up he hangs on his wrists in that basement. Missing the lower part of one leg. (In addition to not having the right legs, and he doesn't have a shirt, so let's be thankful for any of the most effective Rex medications stored in the main house.)

Rex has yet to meet with the authorities - Nordic's cousins ​​in the Americanwoodwoods-gothic archetype family, well-dressed but well-received and depressed - but fortunately, he is not alone. Long ago, he learned to cope with the stress of thinking that his second version would be out of place, and it would be wise for him to look to a quiet man for help. O'Toole obviously enjoys having both roles to play, and arrogance rekindles an unusual situation until the remaining problem: Alia (newcomer Meg Fraser), an elderly daughter of a higher family who doesn't want their crime at all.

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Alia's older brother, we read, is a crippled and fearsome giant who eats nothing but human flesh. So her parents and siblings (including twins who like to wear a folkloric mask) do little but find new people to feed her. Considering the large number of suitcases near Rex, the airport is their favorite hunting spot. Alia is a prisoner of some sort, and she is terrified of helping Rex directly. (She will throw a knife at his feet, but it will not help him to use it with a rope tied around his head.) But he is determined to leave his little brother innocent. It looks like Rex has found a new person to keep him.

While the whole story fits the genre well, Benjamin and Grierson are able to surprise us once or twice, and the expected action is set in a more general style than usual. O'Toole, a supporter of major brands such as Detroit and Hacksaw Ridge, carries a picture easily, or the film's response to the amputated leg - clever, but the cry from Evil Dead II's chainsaw-hand - invites us to see what he's not as funny as Bruce Campbell. Then again, given the unexpected closing clues that the story may not end, Rex and his cool team can have a lot of fun soon.
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