Saturday, 16 January 2021

In Corpore



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                 In Corpore movie synopsis

Examination of modern relationships on the affairs of the people of Melbourne, Malta, Berlin and New York, enters the gray areas of relationships.

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                     In Corpore movie Review

Anyone who has ever engaged in sexual misconduct in an attempt to heal a broken relationship will find something to apply to married filmmakers Sara Portelli and Ivan Malekin's anthology style film set in various parts of the world. It shows the emotional rift between the four lovers (well, at least three and a half), the small budget in Corpore sometimes suffers from its advanced dialogue (no famous screenwriter) and its clear sexual scenes that, while certainly pertaining to characters and stories, are the limit of exploitation. But the film, available in demand and digital formats, incorporates enough emotional reality to make you look at a broader audience.

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