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The decorated U.S. Marine captain does a powerful job of rescuing his abducted wife from terrorists in Morocco.

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You have to feel a little sorry for Gary Dourdan. The veteran actor, best known for his role in CBS procedural CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has been given the role of a plum in the new action-thriller Redemption Day. And while at the age of 54 not a spring chicken for such an assignment, Dourdan revealed a powerful, punctured body and commanding the presence of a screen is easy to imagine having controlled such cinematic vehicles for years. Unfortunately, Hicham Hajji's debut - while he has some influential actors who try to impress political comments in its mix - proves such a car, so inefficient that it leaves its star well-dressed with nowhere to go.

Dourdan plays American Captain Brad Paxton, who at the beginning of the story is returning home to his wife and young daughter after taking part in relief work in Syria. It soon became apparent that Paxton was suffering from PTSD because of his experience. (Which brings up another issue regarding these types of films. Should servicemen in movies always have to be intense psychopaths or spiritually tortured because of their military experience?)

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Paxton doesn't have much time to rest. Shortly after his arrival, his archaeological wife Kate (Serinda Swan, Smallville, who borrows much-needed emotional rituals) embarks on a journey to Morocco to dig up a hidden ancient city found just below the desert.

It is not difficult to predict what will happen next. Kate and a few of her colleagues could be killed or kidnapped by Muslim terrorists, led by Jaafar El Hadi (Samy Naceri, of Luc Besson's Taxi franchise), after crossing the border into Algeria. So naturally Paxton flies to Morocco to lead the rescue operation, producing a series of random, non-coercive events with the required number of shots and explosions. While we appreciate murky cinematography, you often have a hard time seeing exactly what is happening.

The screenplay, co-produced by directors Hajji and Sam Chouia and Lemore Syvan, was made for a paranoid '70s-era vibe with a few scenes depicting political maneuvers involving heavy duty oil. It actually happened in a smoke-filled room, with Andy Garcia as a smug agent, allowing his cigarette to make the most of the characters, and Martin Donovan taking on his usual role of scheming government official. Be sure to stick to the last scene with a funny cameo from Robert Knepper as a South African politician, complete with a molasses drawl, a white suit and embellished sugarcane.

Usually not funny about its effect (I especially enjoyed the helpful image on the screen "Terrorist Combination," perhaps to make sure it didn't interfere with the American Girl's shop preparation), the film fails to engage in psychological or visceral level. The filmmaker's view of the action scenes seems to be fueled by the violent use of video games, resulting in his relentless pursuit of pleasure.

Dourdan has the necessary firmness and physical presence in his role, and, as has been shown in the past, he has no lack of influence. But he cannot overcome the mechanics that make Redemption Day a dynamic, common task.

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