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Skyfire movie poster

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                      Skyfire movie synopsis

A young scientist develops a short-lived volcanic warning system and returns to the tropical island where his mother died tragically, hoping to prevent future deaths. The island is now home to only one volcanic park and resort, which is the backbone of its careless owner. Chaos erupts as soon as the extinct volcano begins to erupt. It is a war and nature to get out of the island while fiery death and destruction rain from the mountain.

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                         Skyfire movie Review

There's at least one good thing to say about the new Chinese disaster movie directed by Simon West: It doesn't take long for the volcano to erupt. Considering the bloated running times of so many similarly styled American extravaganzas, the admirable efficiency of Skyfire means that you don't have to waste a lot of time sitting through endless exposition.

Most of which is thoroughly familiar, anyway. The film is set on a Pacific Rim volcanic island where a typically reckless entrepreneur, John Hammond … I mean, Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs), has created a luxury resort and theme park that he describes as "the must-see destination for the selfie generation."

A volcanic theme park … what could possibly go wrong? That's a question that viewers will definitely not be asking since early in the proceedings Harris assures his guests, in the best Jurassic Park tradition, "There is no chance of this beast howling again for at least 150 years."

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