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The Last Ones


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John and Michael are surrounded to escape an epidemic in that slaves have destroyed the vast majority of the world's population

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The place may be frozen but the mood is very hot for The Last Ones, Estonia's official Estonian-based presentation in the category of Best International Film. Located around a remote mining community in Finland Lapland, deep in the Arctic Circle, author-curricular author Veiko Ounpuu portrays a glimpse of the lives of the dead and desperate choices including critical intentions, captivating views, and magical acts from many Finnish actors. Despite the melting of certain tones in its latest stages, it paints a very compelling picture of the presence of a blue-collar in the green in the latter part of Europe. This is Ounpuu's third Academy Awards competition, following the Temptation of St. Tony (2009) and Free Range (2013).

The world that first showed up at home turf at the Black Nights movie festival in Tallinn last November, The Last Ones has been widely called "Nordic Western." It clearly borrows some of the more than a kind of thing: the basic location, the city of the illegal border, the last chance salon where the archetypal characters play the high stakes. But Ounpuu is keenly interested in dismantling the traditional practice of the Old West with his destructive criticism of toxic manhood and vain pioneer myths. Here in the Wild North, these modern cattle are becoming victims of self-destructive dreams of money, love, alcohol, sex and other unknown products of foolish gold.

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The Last Ones opens in an underground tunnel, a deep mine under the Lapland ice sheet, where workers revolt against their bosses as huge cracks and floods threaten imminent disaster. Playing a man in the middle who is uncomfortable in this bad game is Rupi (Paaru Oja), his loyalty is broken between hard-working mine boss Kari (Tommy Korpela) and his father Oula (Sulevi Peltola), a traditional deer herdsman who clings to his small hole while large mining companies plunder the desert. clean all around. If Rupi is the epitome of a flawed film, Kari is a talented villain, a violent capitalist who wears out every fatal accident by shooting his employees with alcohol, drugs and false intelligence.

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