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The Marksman


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Jim was a Marine who lived his life alone as a businessman on the Arizona-Mexico border. But her peaceful life soon comes as she tries to protect the boy from a vicious circle of fugitives.

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                 The Marksman movie Review

Liam Neeson continued the Charles Bronsen stage of his long career with the lively acting of Robert Lawrence, representing the actor's second fight in three months. The honest thief's heel came briefly, and Marksman was constantly bombarded in the '70s and' 80s by solid, hopeless programmer Bronson. In 1974, think of something like Mr. Majestic, the compelling hero who in this case has to deal with the bad guys, is a farmer in Arizona rather than a watermelon farmer in Colorado. In both cases, the star - and the film - get the job done.

The former Marine sharpshooter (Notch) is not Nissan's character and Jim Hanson doesn't want any problems. He still mourns his wife's recent death, his farm is already threatened, and he asks his old pig "who is the best dog in the world?" But when he sees a migrant boy, Rosa (Theresa Ruiz), and his 11-year-old son Miguel (Jacob Perez) fleeing the drug killer gang, he is forced to take action. Hanson manages to stop them, but Rosa is not killed in the shooting. At the time of his death, he begged him to bring his son to care for his relatives in Chicago.

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When Miguel was arrested by the border officers, Hanson allowed his conscience to take hold, and he was able to free the boy to the surprise of his daughter, the Border Patrol Sarah (Catherine Winick, Vikings). Thus began a nationwide chase between Henson and the murderers, with the bloodless Mauricio (Juan Pablo Raba of Narcos, who understood the danger) worrying about the child claiming that he had a large amount of drug money.

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