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                      Venom movie synopsis

Journalist Eddie Brock tries to take down Carlton Drake, the infamous and brilliant founder of the Life Foundation. While investigating one of Drake's trials, Eddie's body encounters an alien Venom - leaving him with superhuman strength and power. Twisted, dark, and angry, Venom tries to control the new and dangerous skills Eddie found so intoxicating.

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                        venom movie Review 

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a brave journalist, who doesn't know when to stop, and this costs him a lot when he loses his job and more. His fault? Taking Carlton Drake - a businessman who considers himself an overseer, even though he has good morals. To avoid detection, Brock tries to investigate Drake's dignified activities when he encounters an out-of-mind psychologist who meets him and gives him supernatural powers. Brock now has to decide how to use his new skills. If there was any doubt that Tom Hardy was better prepared to take on the two personalities of Venom / Eddie Brock, they quickly disintegrated when the two began to communicate. Hardy has handled roles that require him to run among the personas, and he reflects on all his previous experiences here. When ‘held’, Hardy adds a playful yet dark aura to Brock which works well to bring flattering momentum to the film.

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But the screenplay does not allow us to better understand the moral character that runs through his mind. This shows frustration when you know that the character playing has more depth and breadth than the text allows. In fact, it seems that worrying more than ever is drifting from one place to another, which can be tedious. The differences between the characters and the plot points are clearly seen during the unpleasant conversations they have with each other; especially between Brock and his ex-girlfriend Anne, putting Michelle Williams in a confusing choice. Why hire a decorated actor when you don’t know how to expand his skills? The same can be said of Riz Ahmed who travels in villain mode as just another evil man who wants to change the world for ‘reasons’.

What is lacking in the screenplay in character development, for at least a few well-planned and well-executed scenes, saves anti-climax where it all turns into a big, real CGI blob. All hope is not lost. The space between the credits does enough to create the next excitement, which it hopes will allow Venom to merge with Spider's verse. If nothing else, Tom Hardy proves that he is well-equipped to play the kind symbiote, but in the hands of a more talented director who uses the athlete’s story.

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